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I was asked to write a general article on Orlando Bloom for a british magazine called Ek-One.
It is out now and you can read the article online here:…
click on Orlando and go to page 28 :)
Some of you may know this already but I thought I'd post it here as well. The past year I have been doing commissioned work for people who asked me for it. Drawings in pencil, such as you can see in my gallery.

I work from an example picture, usually A4 or A3 size.
If you are interested in a drawing of Orlando -my speciality of course-  or anyone else, or a drawing as a present for a relative for example, feel free to contact me and we can discuss details.

Feel free to ask :D
Thank you!
There has been an official announcement by Orlando’s family concerning the family pictures that showed up last week.

Not all of the pictures were authorised by Orlando or his mother.
She was unaware of the fact these had been posted
and has asked to have them removed. No one knows yet how they appeared on the web. I used one of them as a base for a drawing.

In respect of the family's wishes I have removed the drawing of 'Baby Orlando' from my site.
I was in London for the last performance of Orlando in
"in Celebration" on september 15, 2007
The two drawings i posted today are the presents I gave hikm. those were  the orginal ones.
He took them from me and said thank you very much. It was kind of hectic during the signing, so I did not get a chance to talk more.
I spend a week in London, went to see "In Celebration" 4 times in total. I saw Orlando 9 times in all.

On Monday i gave him the drawing I made of Sidi and he was so surprised by it and thanked me a dozen times, giving me a kiss in the end. HE really loved it. And I was happy that he liked it. .and with my kiss of course!

LAter that week on Friday i gave him another present. A small fram with the drawing of Steven2 in it..
see what happened in this video.....


He signed the drawing wiht a cross and a heart.
That is special :)
I have posted it as well